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Dear Loungers,


I hope you are staying well.  Given the up and down status of COVID-19 and the importance of ensuring the health and safety of my clients as well as the Starr Studded Nail Lounge family, please read our new Covid Guidelines below:


  • NO face mask, NO service (you can have one provided for $3)

  • $12 NON-refundable deposit ($10 goes toward service. $2 for service fee)

  • NO extra people NO KIDS (NO EXCEPTIONS) unless being serviced. 

  • SPECIAL NOTE: Concerns of infections or disease, such as diabetes, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FIRST!!

  • Be sure of the set you book, due to timing.

  • If you will be returning, please book next appointment before leaving due to the high volume of clients and appointment inquiries.

  • No FOOD, small snacks and beverages are permitted. 

I appreciate your continued support during this time.  


Starr Robinson

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